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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 4255'14"N 10152'57"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
7NE5 Paxton [Lierley Farms Airport], Nebraska, US (131 mi / 210 km S)
KCNP CNP Chappell [Billy G Ray Field], Nebraska, US (131 mi / 210 km S)
2SD5 Sturgis [Sturgis Heliport], South Dakota, US (131 mi / 211 km NW)
NE25 North Platte [Orr Field], Nebraska, US (131 mi / 211 km SE)
3SD5 Lead [Dilligaf Heliport], South Dakota, US (131 mi / 211 km NW)
WY26 Torrington [Community Hospital Heliport], Wyoming, US (131 mi / 211 km SW)
SD58 Burke [Burke Hospital Heliport], South Dakota, US (132 mi / 213 km E)
SD35 Sturgis [Bruch Airfield], South Dakota, US (132 mi / 213 km NW)
3NE6 Jamison [Burkinshaw Field], Nebraska, US (133 mi / 214 km E)
NE36 Anselmo [Werner Ranch Airfield], Nebraska, US (133 mi / 215 km SE)
4NE9 Paxton [Holzfaster's Airport], Nebraska, US (134 mi / 216 km S)
4NE1 Milburn [McMillan Ranch Airport], Nebraska, US (135 mi / 218 km SE)
7V8 Julesburg [Muni], Colorado, US (136 mi / 220 km S)
NE22 North Platte [Great Plains Regional Medical Center Heliport], Nebraska, US (137 mi / 220 km SE)
1SD4 Faith [Vig Limousin Airport], South Dakota, US (137 mi / 221 km N)
KSNY SNY SNY Sidney [Muni/Lloyd W Carr Field], Nebraska, US (138 mi / 222 km SW)
66NE Madrid [Cornelius Farm Airport], Nebraska, US (138 mi / 222 km S)
SD72 Opal [Vig Ranch Airfield], South Dakota, US (138 mi / 223 km N)
4NE3 North Platte [Simon Heliport], Nebraska, US (138 mi / 223 km SE)
KLBF LBF LBF North Platte [North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field], Nebraska, US (138 mi / 223 km SE)

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