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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 4242'36"N 12349'55"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
36S Happy Camp, California, US (67 mi / 108 km S)
KCEC CEC CEC Crescent City [Jack McNamara Field], California, US (67 mi / 109 km S)
64S Prospect [Prospect State Airport], Oregon, US (68 mi / 110 km E)
79OR Reedsport [Cruse Memorial Heliport], Oregon, US (70 mi / 112 km N)
S03 Ashland [Muni-Sumner Parker Field], Oregon, US (70 mi / 112 km SE)
65OR Ashland [Timberland Shop Heliport], Oregon, US (70 mi / 113 km SE)
8OR8 Eagle Point [Light Valley Tree Farm Heliport], Oregon, US (72 mi / 115 km E)
CA09 Klamath River [Round Mountain Ranch Airport], California, US (76 mi / 122 km SE)
3S6 Clearwater [Toketee State Airport], Oregon, US (80 mi / 128 km NE)
CSNM Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument [Cascade-Siskiyou NM], Oregon, US (83 mi / 133 km SE)
S51 Klamath Glen [Andy McBeth Airport], California, US (83 mi / 134 km S)
1O0 Florence [Lake Woahink SPB], Oregon, US (84 mi / 135 km N)
24S Pinehurst [Pinehurst State Airport], Oregon, US (85 mi / 137 km SE)
61S Cottage Grove [Cottage Grove State Airport], Oregon, US (86 mi / 138 km NE)
CRLA Crater Lake National Park [Crater Lake NP], Oregon, US (87 mi / 140 km E)
OG57 Florence [Pier 126 Heliport], Oregon, US (88 mi / 142 km N)
6S2 Florence [Muni], Oregon, US (89 mi / 143 km N)
OR57 Creswell [Walker Airport], Oregon, US (90 mi / 144 km NE)
77S Creswell [Hobby Field], Oregon, US (94 mi / 151 km NE)
A30 Fort Jones [Scott Valley Airport], California, US (94 mi / 151 km SE)

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