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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 41°31'N 23°48'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LTBQ KCO Köseköy [Cengiz Topel NAS], Kocaeli, TR (332 mi / 535 km E)
LYNS QND Novi Sad [Cenej], RS (333 mi / 536 km NW)
LGML MLO Milos, Notío Aigaío, GR (335 mi / 538 km S)
LTBD CII Aydin [Cildir Airport], Aydin, TR (336 mi / 540 km SE)
LGLE LRS Leros, Notío Aigaío, GR (339 mi / 546 km SE)
LIBG TAR Taranto (Grottaglie) [Taranto-Grottaglie Airport (Marcello Arlotta Airport)], Apulia, IT (341 mi / 549 km W)
LIBX Martina Franca [AFB], IT (342 mi / 551 km W)
LDDP Ploce, HR (343 mi / 552 km W)
LRTM TGM Targu Mures [Transilvania Targu Mures Intl (Vidrasau)], Mures, RO (343 mi / 552 km N)
LQMG Camp McGovern [Camp McGovern AHP], BA (343 mi / 553 km NW)
LRCT Câmpia Turzii [RoAF 71st Air Base (Luna Airfield)], Cluj, RO (344 mi / 554 km N)
LRAR ARW Arad [Intl], Arad, RO (346 mi / 556 km N)
LRTC TCE Tulcea [Cataloi], Tulcea, RO (348 mi / 560 km NE)
LGKY JKL Kalymnos (Kalimnos, Argos) [Kalymnos Island National Airport], Kalymnos Island, Notío Aigaío, GR (356 mi / 574 km SE)
LTBN Kutahya, TR (358 mi / 576 km E)
LTBO USQ Usak, Usak, TR (358 mi / 577 km SE)
LTFE BJV Bodrum [Milas Airport], Mugla, TR (360 mi / 579 km SE)
LIBV Gioia del Colle [Gioia del Colle AB (Antonio Ramirez)], Apulia, IT (362 mi / 582 km W)
LRCL CLJ Cluj-Napoca [Cluj Intl (Someseni Airport)], Cluj, RO (364 mi / 585 km N)
LGKC KIT Kithira, Attikí, GR (364 mi / 586 km S)

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