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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 4030'37"N 10221'35"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CO78 Hugo [Lincoln Community Hospital Heliport], Colorado, US (112 mi / 180 km SW)
62CO Keenesburg [The Farm Airport], Colorado, US (113 mi / 181 km W)
CO60 Keenesburg [Horseshoe Landings Airport], Colorado, US (113 mi / 182 km W)
NE32 Alliance [Box Butte General Hospital Med-I-Port Heliport], Nebraska, US (114 mi / 183 km N)
KBFF BFF BFF Scottsbluff [Western Nebraska Regional/William B Heilig Field], Nebraska, US (114 mi / 184 km NW)
5CO4 Byers [Spickard Farm Airport], Colorado, US (115 mi / 185 km SW)
6KS4 Sharon Springs [Bussen Airport], Kansas, US (115 mi / 185 km S)
SCBL Scotts Bluff National Monument [Scotts Bluff NM], Nebraska, US (115 mi / 186 km NW)
79NE Cambridge [Cambridge Memorial Hospital Heliport], Nebraska, US (116 mi / 187 km E)
5CO0 Cheyenne Wells [Windy Plains Airport], Colorado, US (116 mi / 187 km S)
9NE8 Stapleton [Brosius Field], Nebraska, US (116 mi / 187 km NE)
CO38 Strasburg [Comanche Airfield Llc], Colorado, US (116 mi / 187 km SW)
CO59 Galeton [Hay Fever Farm Airport], Colorado, US (116 mi / 187 km W)
KCSB CSB Cambridge [Muni], Nebraska, US (117 mi / 188 km E)
96CO Bennet [Logan Airport], Colorado, US (117 mi / 188 km W)
NE41 Scottsbluff [Regional West Medical Center Heliport], Nebraska, US (117 mi / 188 km NW)
CO97 Strasburg [Comanche Springs Ranch Airport], Colorado, US (117 mi / 189 km SW)
CO56 Keenesburg [JJS Airport], Colorado, US (117 mi / 189 km W)
9CO7 Kersey [Devoe Airport], Colorado, US (118 mi / 189 km W)
6CO7 Byers [Happy Butt Airport], Colorado, US (118 mi / 189 km SW)

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