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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 4°30'S 172°08'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NCMR MOI Mitiaro Island (Nukuroa), CK (1435 mi / 2309 km SE)
AUL Aur Island, MH (1443 mi / 2322 km NW)
UIT N55 Jabor Jaluit Atoll [Jaluit Airport], MH (1448 mi / 2330 km NW)
EBO Ebon Atoll, MH (1461 mi / 2352 km NW)
MAV 3N1 Taora Island (Maloelap Atoll) [Maloelap Airport], MH (1463 mi / 2354 km NW)
NCMK MUK Mauke Island [Akatoka Manava], CK (1465 mi / 2358 km SE)
(PJON) (JON) Johnston Island [Johnston Atoll Airport], UM (1470 mi / 2365 km N)
KIO C51 Kili Island (Kili Atoll) [Kili Airport], MH (1471 mi / 2367 km NW)
PRNM Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument [Pacific Remote Islands Marine NM], UM (1471 mi / 2368 km N)
ANYN INU Nauru [Intl], NR (1473 mi / 2370 km W)
KBT Kaben, MH (1492 mi / 2401 km NW)
NVSA MTV Ablow [Mota Lava], Mota Lava Island, Torba, VU (1512 mi / 2434 km SW)
JAT Jabot, MH (1524 mi / 2453 km NW)
NVSN MWF Naone, Maewo Island, Pénama, VU (1528 mi / 2459 km SW)
NVSC SLH Sola, Vanua Lava Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (1528 mi / 2459 km SW)
AGLM LLM Lomlom [Lomlom], Reef Islands, Temotu, SB (1530 mi / 2462 km W)
NCMG MGS Mangaia Island (A'ua'u 'Enua), CK (1530 mi / 2462 km SE)
NDK 3N0 Namorik Atoll (Namdrik, Namdik), MH (1531 mi / 2464 km NW)
NVSQ ZGU Gaua Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (1535 mi / 2471 km SW)
NVSH SSR Sara, Pentecost (Pentecôte) Island, Pénama, VU (1538 mi / 2475 km SW)

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