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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 3951'02"N 11613'20"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZSQD TAO Qingdao [Liuting Intl], Shandong, CN (335 mi / 539 km SE)
ZBDS DSN Ordos (Dongsheng) [Ordos Ejin Horo Airport (Dongsheng Airport)], Inner Mongolia, CN (340 mi / 547 km W)
ZYCH CNI Changhai, Liaoning, CN (346 mi / 558 km E)
ZSRZ RIZ ZS03 Rizhao [Rizhao Shanzihe Airport], Shandong, CN (351 mi / 564 km SE)
ZSLY LYI Linyi [Shubuling], Shandong, CN (352 mi / 567 km S)
ZYAS AOG Anshan [Anshan AB], Liaoning, CN (360 mi / 579 km E)
(ZLYL) (UYN) Yulin [Yulin Xisha Airport], Shaanxi, CN (366 mi / 588 km W)
ZBLF LFQ Linfen [Linfen Qiaoli Airport], Shanxi, CN (368 mi / 593 km SW)
ZLYL UYN Yulin [Yulin Yuyang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (371 mi / 597 km W)
ZSWH WEH Weihai (Wendeng) [Dashuipo Airport], Shandong, CN (374 mi / 601 km SE)
(ZSXZ) (XUZ) Xuzhou [Chiu Li Shan], Jiangsu, CN (387 mi / 623 km S)
ZHCC CGO Zhengzhou [Xinzheng Airport], Henan, CN (390 mi / 628 km S)
ZSLG LYG Lianyungang, Jiangsu, CN (392 mi / 631 km SE)
ZYTX SHE Shenyang [Taoxian Intl], Liaoning, CN (401 mi / 645 km E)
ZBTL TGO Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, CN (401 mi / 645 km NE)
ZYYY Shenyang [Dongta], Liaoning, CN (404 mi / 650 km E)
ZSXZ XUZ Xuzhou [Xuzhou Guanyin Intl], Jiangsu, CN (406 mi / 654 km S)
ZHLY LYA Luoyang, Henan, CN (411 mi / 661 km SW)
WZQ Urad Middle Banner [Urad Middle Banner Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (419 mi / 674 km W)
ZBHZ HUO Huolinguole (Holingol) [Holingol Huolinhe Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (421 mi / 678 km N)

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