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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 3852'49"N 7706'30"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2VA9 Warrenton [Airlie Airport], Virginia, US (38 mi / 61 km W)
2MD5 Eldersburg [Hoby Wolf Airport], Maryland, US (38 mi / 61 km N)
VA60 Unison [Flying Horse Farm Balloonport], Virginia, US (38 mi / 61 km W)
KNDY DGN NDY Dahlgren [Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center Airport], Virginia, US (38 mi / 61 km S)
3VA1 Warrenton [The Meadows Airport], Virginia, US (38 mi / 61 km W)
KRMN RMN Stafford [Stafford Regional], Virginia, US (38 mi / 61 km SW)
MD71 Baltimore [University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center Heliport], Maryland, US (38 mi / 62 km NE)
KHWY HWY Warrenton [Warrenton-Fauquier Airport], Virginia, US (38 mi / 62 km SW)
1VA4 Marshall [Evergreen Heliport], Virginia, US (39 mi / 62 km W)
FOMC Baltimore [Fort McHenry NM (Fort McHenry National Monument)], Maryland, US (39 mi / 62 km NE)
24MD Baltimore [Marriott Parking Garage "Rooftop" Heliport], Maryland, US (39 mi / 63 km NE)
53VA Midland [Horse Feathers Airport], Virginia, US (39 mi / 63 km SW)
MD10 Baltimore [Baltimore Police Department Heliport], Maryland, US (39 mi / 63 km NE)
26MD Baltimore [Cmti Heliport], Maryland, US (39 mi / 63 km NE)
VA62 Lovettsville [The Grass Patch Airport], Virginia, US (39 mi / 63 km NW)
4MD Baltimore [Pier 7 Heliport], Maryland, US (40 mi / 64 km NE)
8VA3 Warrenton [Fauquier Hospital Emergency Transport Heliport], Virginia, US (40 mi / 64 km W)
MD06 Tompkinsville [Pilots Cove Airport], Maryland, US (40 mi / 64 km S)
ZBP Baltimore [Penn Station], Maryland, US (40 mi / 64 km NE)
VA61 Lovettsville [Lovettsville Airfield], Virginia, US (40 mi / 64 km NW)

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