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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 3736'09"N 8823'02"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
IL10 Pinckneyville [Pinckneyville Community Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US (62 mi / 100 km NW)
II32 Chandler [Raceway Airport], Indiana, US (63 mi / 101 km NE)
5LL0 Mount Carmel [Beckerman Field], Illinois, US (63 mi / 102 km NE)
17KY Sacramento [Lester Airfield], Kentucky, US (63 mi / 102 km E)
5IL2 Pinckneyville [Panther Field], Illinois, US (63 mi / 102 km NW)
92IL Cairo [Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc. Airport], Illinois, US (65 mi / 104 km SW)
80KY Sacramento [David Lowe Airport], Kentucky, US (65 mi / 104 km E)
KCEY CEY CEY Murray [Kyle-Oakley Field], Kentucky, US (65 mi / 104 km S)
6II4 Boonville [Cornell Airport], Indiana, US (65 mi / 104 km NE)
67IS Mount Carmel [Wabash General Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US (66 mi / 106 km NE)
I91 Boonville, Indiana, US (66 mi / 106 km NE)
MU10 Cape Girardeau [Southeast Health Heliport], Missouri, US (67 mi / 107 km W)
9II1 Hatfield [Short Stop Airport], Indiana, US (67 mi / 108 km E)
KOWB OWB OWB Owensboro [Owensboro-Daviess County Regional], Kentucky, US (67 mi / 108 km E)
24LL Pinckneyville [Lambert Airport], Illinois, US (68 mi / 109 km NW)
13KY Owensboro [Miles Airport], Kentucky, US (68 mi / 109 km E)
1MU7 Jackson [Mooseberry Airport], Missouri, US (68 mi / 110 km W)
MO50 Cape Girardeau [St. Francis Medical Center Heliport], Missouri, US (68 mi / 110 km W)
3KY1 Utica [Goode Airpark], Kentucky, US (69 mi / 111 km E)
7KY0 Murray [Murray Calloway County Hospital Heliport], Kentucky, US (69 mi / 111 km S)

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