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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 36°45'37"N 4°08'11"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
DAAG ALG Algiers [Houari Boumediene Airport (Algiers Airport)], Boumerdès, DZ (51 mi / 82 km W)
DAAE BJA Bejaia [Soummam -Abane Ramdane Airport], Béjaïa, DZ (52 mi / 84 km E)
DAAX Chéraga [Chéraga Airport], Tipaza, DZ (67 mi / 108 km W)
DAAK QFD Boufarik [Boufarik Airport], Blida, DZ (72 mi / 115 km W)
DAAB QLD Blida [Blida Airport], Blida, DZ (76 mi / 122 km W)
DAAS QSF Sétif [Ain Arnat Airport (Sétif Intl, 8 Mai 45 Airport)], Sétif, DZ (78 mi / 125 km SE)
DAAV GJL Jijel [Ferhat Abbas (Taher)], Jijel, DZ (96 mi / 155 km E)
DAAD BUJ Bou Saada (Boussaada) [Ain Eddis], Msila, DZ (99 mi / 159 km S)
DAAQ Aïn Oussera [Aïn Oussera Airport], Djelfa, DZ (110 mi / 178 km SW)
ZZB Barika [Off-line Point], Batna, DZ (117 mi / 189 km SE)
DAAM Telerghma [Telerghma Airport], Oum el Bouaghi, DZ (132 mi / 212 km E)
DABT BLJ Batna [Mostepha Ben Boulaid Airport], Batna, DZ (140 mi / 226 km SE)
DABC CZL Constantine [Mohamed Boudiaf Intl], Constantine, DZ (142 mi / 229 km E)
DAFI QDJ Djelfa [Tletsi Airport], Djelfa, DZ (152 mi / 244 km S)
DABP SKI Skikda [Skikda Airport], Skikda, DZ (156 mi / 252 km E)
DAOI CFK Chlef (Ech Cheliff) [Chlef Intl (Aboubakr Belkaid Airport)], Chlef, DZ (160 mi / 258 km W)
DAUB BSK Biskra [Mohamed Khider Airport], Biskra, DZ (162 mi / 261 km SE)
DAOB TID Tiaret [Abdelhafid Boussouf Bou Chekif Airport], Tiaret, DZ (179 mi / 287 km SW)
DABB AAE Annaba [Rabah Bitat (El Mellah)], El Tarf, DZ (204 mi / 328 km E)
LESJ Palma de Mallorca [Son Sant Joan Airport], Mallorca, Balearic Islands, ES (Alias for LEPA)

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