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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 36░12'46"N 121░07'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CA40 Selma [Central Valley Aviation Inc. Airport], California, US (84 mi / 135 km E)
KHJO HJO Hanford [Muni], California, US (84 mi / 135 km E)
11CA Fowler [Turner Field], California, US (84 mi / 136 km NE)
CN53 Hanford [Kings County Houston Ave Heliport], California, US (86 mi / 138 km E)
0Q4 Selma, California, US (86 mi / 138 km E)
86CN Merced [Mercy Medical Center Merced Heliport], California, US (86 mi / 138 km NE)
KCRO CRO 43CN Corcoran, California, US (86 mi / 138 km E)
KMER MER MER Atwater (Merced) [Castle Airport], California, US (86 mi / 139 km N)
KRHV RHV RHV San JosÚ [Reid-Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County], California, US (86 mi / 139 km NW)
CA41 Selma [Quinn Airport], California, US (87 mi / 140 km E)
9CL6 Madera [Valley Children's Hospital Heliport], California, US (87 mi / 140 km NE)
CA96 Fresno [Saint Agnes Medical Center Heliport], California, US (87 mi / 140 km NE)
KFAT FAT FAT Fresno [Fresno Yosemite Intl], California, US (87 mi / 141 km NE)
15CL Merced [Hunt Farms Airport], California, US (88 mi / 141 km NE)
0CN1 Delhi [Fiorini Ranch Airport], California, US (88 mi / 141 km N)
17CL Davenport [Las Trancas Airport], California, US (88 mi / 141 km NW)
CA33 San JosÚ [County Medical Center Heliport], California, US (88 mi / 142 km NW)
9CL0 Turlock [Turlock Airpark], California, US (88 mi / 142 km N)
88CA San Jose [Regional Medical Center San Jose H2 Heliport], California, US (89 mi / 143 km NW)
77CA Madera [Daulton Airport], California, US (89 mi / 143 km NE)

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