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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 3612'46"N 12107'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CL67 Santa Maria [Platform Hidalgo Heliport], California, US (121 mi / 194 km S)
7CA5 Balch Camp [Balch Camp Heliport], California, US (121 mi / 195 km NE)
CL93 Shaver Lake [SCE Shaver Summit Heliport], California, US (121 mi / 195 km NE)
CN48 Stockton [St. Joseph's Medical Center Heliport], California, US (122 mi / 196 km N)
CN19 Knightsen [Las Serpientes Airport], California, US (122 mi / 196 km N)
CL68 Santa Maria [Platform Harvest Heliport], California, US (123 mi / 198 km S)
4CA2 Brentwood [Funny Farm Airport], California, US (123 mi / 198 km N)
90CA Linden [Fowler's Airport], California, US (123 mi / 199 km N)
CA00 Santa Maria [Platform Hermosa Heliport], California, US (124 mi / 200 km S)
CN28 Big Creek [Big Creek Helistop], California, US (124 mi / 200 km NE)
CN95 Stockton [Heritage Field], California, US (124 mi / 200 km N)
5CN4 Cuyama [Vosburgh Airfield], California, US (125 mi / 201 km SE)
S74 Stockton [Lost Isle SPB], California, US (125 mi / 201 km N)
0CA4 Santa Ynez [Shepherd Farm Airport], California, US (125 mi / 201 km SE)
E45 Groveland [Pine Mountain Lake Airport], California, US (125 mi / 201 km NE)
KIZA SQA IZA Santa Ynez, California, US (126 mi / 202 km SE)
45CN Groveland [Hermitage Airport], California, US (126 mi / 203 km NE)
JCE CL41 Oakland [Oakland Convention Center Heliport], California, US (127 mi / 204 km NW)
(KNGZ) (NGZ) Alameda [NAS Alameda (Nimitz Field, Benton Field)], California, US (127 mi / 204 km NW)
8CL4 Stockton [A G Spanos Companies Headquarters Heliport], California, US (127 mi / 205 km N)

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