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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 3554'N 13843'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RJTU QUT Utsunomiya [Utsunomiya Air Field (JASDF)], Tochigi, JP (77 mi / 124 km NE)
RJNY Shizuhama, Shizuoka, JP (79 mi / 126 km S)
RJNS FSZ Shizuoka (Makinohara City, Shimada City) [Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport], Shizuoka, JP (82 mi / 132 km S)
RJAK Tsuchiura [Kasumigaura], Ibaraki, JP (83 mi / 134 km E)
RJTO OIM Izu Oshima [Oshima Aiport], Tokyo, JP (85 mi / 137 km SE)
RJTE Tateyama, Chiba, JP (89 mi / 143 km SE)
RJAA NRT Tokyo (Narita) [New Tokyo Intl], Chiba, JP (94 mi / 152 km E)
RJAH IBR Omitama (Tsuchiura) [Ibaraki Airport (Hyakuri AB)], Ibaraki, JP (97 mi / 156 km E)
RJNH Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, JP (98 mi / 157 km SW)
RJNT TOY Toyama [Toyama Airport], Toyama, JP (100 mi / 161 km NW)
RJNG QGU Gifu [Gifu Air Airfield (JASDF)], Gifu, JP (110 mi / 176 km W)
RJAN Niijima, Niijima Island, Izu Islands, Tokyo, JP (110 mi / 177 km S)
RJNA NKM Nagoya [Nagoya Airport / Komaki AB], Aichi, JP (110 mi / 178 km SW)
RJAZ Kozushima [Kozushima Airport], Kozushima Island, Izu Islands, Tokyo, JP (120 mi / 194 km S)
RJGG NGO Nagoya (Tokoname) [Chubu Centrair Intl (Central Japan Intl)], Aichi, JP (130 mi / 209 km SW)
RJSF FKS Fukushima (Tamakawa) [Fukushima Airport], Fukushima, JP (132 mi / 213 km NE)
RJNK KMQ Komatsu (Kanazawa) [Komatsu Airport], Ishikawa, JP (134 mi / 215 km W)
RJTQ MYE Miyakejima [Miyakejima Airport], Miyakejima, Tokyo, JP (135 mi / 217 km S)
QKW Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JP (136 mi / 218 km W)
RJNW NTQ Wajima [Noto Airport], Ishikawa, JP (137 mi / 220 km NW)

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