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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 3524'52"N 10813'25"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
7CO9 Silverton [K2 Heliport Number 1a], Colorado, US (172 mi / 277 km N)
CD36 Egnar [Egnar Heliport], Colorado, US (174 mi / 279 km N)
KLVS LVS LVS Las Vegas [Muni], New Mexico, US (174 mi / 281 km E)
N24 Questa [Muni Number 2], New Mexico, US (175 mi / 282 km NE)
CO72 Telluride [Helitrax / Telluride Heliport], Colorado, US (175 mi / 282 km N)
KTEX TEX TEX Telluride [Telluride Regional], Colorado, US (176 mi / 283 km N)
24AZ Young [Pleasant Valley Airstrip], Arizona, US (177 mi / 285 km SW)
KCFT CFT CFT Clifton/Morenci [Greenlee County Airport], Arizona, US (179 mi / 287 km S)
KAXX AXX AXX Angel Fire, New Mexico, US (179 mi / 287 km NE)
WUPA Wupatki National Monument [Wupatki NM], Arizona, US (179 mi / 288 km W)
CD32 Lake City [Castle Lakes Airport], Colorado, US (179 mi / 288 km N)
58AZ Young [Chapman Ranch Airstrip], Arizona, US (179 mi / 288 km SW)
CD59 Placerville [Placerville Heliport], Colorado, US (180 mi / 289 km N)
NM69 Mimbres [Casas Adobes Airpark], New Mexico, US (180 mi / 290 km S)
AZ11 Young [Pleasant Valley Medical Center Heliport], Arizona, US (180 mi / 290 km SW)
F37 Carrizozo [Muni], New Mexico, US (180 mi / 290 km SE)
NM85 Silver City [Gila Regional Heliport], New Mexico, US (180 mi / 290 km S)
N02 Red River [Red River Heliport], New Mexico, US (181 mi / 291 km NE)
NABR San Juan County [Natural Bridges NM (Natural Bridges National Monument)], Utah, US (181 mi / 291 km NW)
N17 Vaughn [Muni], New Mexico, US (181 mi / 291 km E)

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