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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 3442'N 8048'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
50NC Kannapolis [Ervin Airfield], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 95 km N)
44NC Landis [Broadway Airfield], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 95 km N)
41NC Kannapolis [Sloop Airport], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 95 km N)
NR02 Mount Gilead [Jordan Field], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 95 km NE)
43NR Lincolnton [Carolinas Medical Center Lincolnton Heliport], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 95 km NW)
02NC Landis [Race City Heliport], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 95 km N)
KEHO EHO Shelby [Shelby-Cleveland County Regional], North Carolina, US (59 mi / 96 km NW)
NR06 Mooresville [Hunter Construction Heliport], North Carolina, US (60 mi / 96 km N)
SC99 Lexington [Whiteplains Airport], South Carolina, US (60 mi / 96 km SW)
KRCZ RCZ Rockingham [Richmond County Airport], North Carolina, US (61 mi / 98 km E)
KBBP BTN BBP Bennettsville [Marlboro County Jetport - H E Avent Field], South Carolina, US (61 mi / 98 km E)
KVUJ VUJ Albemarle [Stanly County Airport], North Carolina, US (62 mi / 99 km NE)
NC97 Shelby [Dirt Dobber's Grass Strip], North Carolina, US (62 mi / 99 km NW)
92NR Rockingham [Firsthealth Richmond Memorial Hospital Heliport], North Carolina, US (62 mi / 99 km E)
19SC Newberry [Sexton Airport], South Carolina, US (62 mi / 100 km W)
NC25 Gold Hill, North Carolina, US (62 mi / 100 km NE)
1NC9 Cherryville [Northbrook Intl Ultraport Ultralight Flightpark], North Carolina, US (63 mi / 101 km NW)
16SC Cross Anchor [Southern Aero Sports Airport], South Carolina, US (63 mi / 101 km W)
N92 Maiden [Laneys Airport], North Carolina, US (63 mi / 101 km N)
38SC Gaffney [La Dolce Terra Airport], South Carolina, US (63 mi / 102 km NW)

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