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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3403'48"N 8645'39"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
98AL Haleyville [Lakeland Community Hospital Heliport], Alabama, US (49 mi / 79 km W)
AL19 Bessemer [Medical West Heliport], Alabama, US (49 mi / 80 km S)
7AL0 Vincent [Logan Martin Dam Heliport], Alabama, US (50 mi / 81 km SE)
3M5 Huntsville [Moontown Airport], Alabama, US (50 mi / 81 km N)
1M4 Haleyville [Posey Field], Alabama, US (50 mi / 81 km W)
4AL5 Woodville [J5 Mike Airport], Alabama, US (52 mi / 83 km NE)
5AL9 Athens [Athens-Limestone Hospital Helipad], Alabama, US (52 mi / 84 km N)
KEKY EKY Bessemer, Alabama, US (53 mi / 85 km S)
9A4 Courtland, Alabama, US (53 mi / 85 km NW)
KASN ASN ASN Talladega [Muni], Alabama, US (53 mi / 86 km SE)
4AL0 Northport [Bankhead Dam Heliport], Alabama, US (54 mi / 87 km SW)
04AL Anniston [Anniston Army Heliport (Anniston Army Depot)], Alabama, US (55 mi / 88 km SE)
00AL Harvest [Epps Airpark], Alabama, US (55 mi / 89 km N)
9AL3 Leesburg [Weiss Dam Heliport], Alabama, US (56 mi / 89 km E)
AL39 Alabaster [Shelby Medical Center Heliport], Alabama, US (56 mi / 90 km S)
AL92 Harpersville [Hawk Field], Alabama, US (56 mi / 90 km S)
KMDQ MDQ Huntsville [Huntsville Executive Tom Sharp Jr. Field], Alabama, US (56 mi / 90 km N)
7AL6 Childersburg [Resolute Forest Products Heliport], Alabama, US (56 mi / 90 km SE)
8AL2 Talladega [Charles C Killough Field], Alabama, US (57 mi / 91 km SE)
AL93 Huntsville [Big Sky Airport], Alabama, US (57 mi / 91 km N)

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