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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 3233'32"N 8020'34"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
6J6 Trenton [Edgefield County Airport], South Carolina, US (118 mi / 190 km NW)
61GA Blythe [Pea Patch Aerodrome], Georgia, US (118 mi / 190 km NW)
KSBO SBO Swainsboro [East Georgia Regional], Georgia, US (118 mi / 190 km W)
8GA2 Augusta [Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center Heliport], Georgia, US (120 mi / 192 km NW)
KCDN CDN CDN Camden [Woodward Field], South Carolina, US (120 mi / 192 km N)
GA26 Fort Gordon (Augusta) [Fort Gordon Headquarters Helipad], Georgia, US (120 mi / 193 km NW)
8GA4 Augusta [Doctors Hospital Heliport], Georgia, US (120 mi / 193 km NW)
82GA Wadley [Paces South Farms Airport], Georgia, US (120 mi / 194 km W)
09J Jekyll Island, Georgia, US (121 mi / 194 km SW)
SC14 Gilbert [Shealy Airport], South Carolina, US (121 mi / 194 km NW)
6J7 Darlington [Branhams Airport], South Carolina, US (121 mi / 195 km N)
KVDI VDI VDI Vidalia [Vidalia Regional], Georgia, US (121 mi / 195 km W)
2J3 Louisville [Muni], Georgia, US (122 mi / 197 km W)
3SC3 Hartsville [Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center Heliport], South Carolina, US (124 mi / 200 km N)
15GA Kite [Darla's Airport], Georgia, US (125 mi / 201 km W)
KMAO MAO Marion [Marion County Airport], South Carolina, US (126 mi / 203 km NE)
21SC Darlington [Graham Airport], South Carolina, US (126 mi / 203 km N)
6J4 Saluda [Saluda County Airport], South Carolina, US (126 mi / 203 km NW)
GE00 Evans [Morris SPB], Georgia, US (127 mi / 204 km NW)
SC16 Hartsville [Curry Airport], South Carolina, US (127 mi / 204 km N)

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