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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 3102'37"N 11212'03"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZSJJ JIU Jiujiang [Lushan], Jiangxi, CN (241 mi / 388 km SE)
ZSLS (LUZ) Lushan [Mahuiling AB], Jiangxi, CN (241 mi / 388 km SE)
ZSFY FUG Fuyang, Anhui, CN (243 mi / 391 km NE)
ZHLY LYA Luoyang, Henan, CN (255 mi / 410 km N)
ZSYC YIC Yichun [Mingyueshan Airport], Jiangxi, CN (257 mi / 413 km SE)
ZHCC CGO Zhengzhou [Xinzheng Airport], Henan, CN (258 mi / 415 km N)
ZULP LIA Liangping, Sichuan, CN (264 mi / 424 km W)
ZSCN KHN Nanchang [Nanchang Changbei Intl], Jiangxi, CN (268 mi / 431 km SE)
ZS14 Nanchang [Nanchang New], Jiangxi, CN (279 mi / 448 km SE)
ZUTR TEN Tongren (Daxing), Guizhou, CN (279 mi / 449 km SW)
ZBYC YCU Yuncheng (Zhangxiao) [Yuncheng Guangong Airport (Yuncheng Zhangxiao Airport)], Shaanxi, CN (283 mi / 455 km N)
ZUDX DAX Dazhou (Dachuan) [Dazhou Heshi Airport (Daxian Airport)], Sichuan, CN (283 mi / 455 km W)
(ZGHY) (HNY) Hengyang [Hengyang Bajialing Airport], Hunan, CN (286 mi / 461 km S)
ZS19 Nanchang [Nanchang Xiangtang AB], Jiangxi, CN (288 mi / 463 km SE)
ZSOF HFE Hefei [Hefei Xinqiao Intl], Anhui, CN (289 mi / 466 km E)
ZSAQ AQG Anqing, Anhui, CN (290 mi / 467 km E)
ZGCJ HJJ Huaihua [Zhijiang Airport], Hunan, CN (290 mi / 467 km SW)
ZLSN SIA Xi'an (Xian) [Xiguan], Shaanxi, CN (291 mi / 469 km NW)
ZGHY HNY Hengyang (Yunji Town) [Hengyang Nanyue Airport], Hunan, CN (299 mi / 481 km S)
ZLLT Xi'an (Xian) [Lintong], Shaanxi, CN (300 mi / 483 km NW)

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