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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 29°53'42"N 89°20'46"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MS67 Biloxi [Gulf Coast Community Hospital-Emergency Heliport], Mississippi, US (40 mi / 64 km NE)
6LA0 New Orléans [Jackson Barracks Heliport], Louisiana, US (40 mi / 64 km W)
BCS 65LA Belle Chasse [Southern Seaplane Airport], Louisiana, US (41 mi / 65 km W)
06LA Belle Chasse [Panther Helicopters Inc. Heliport], Louisiana, US (41 mi / 66 km W)
KNBG NBG NBG New Orléans [New Orléans NAS JRB/Alvin Callender Field], Louisiana, US (41 mi / 66 km W)
MS89 Gulfport [Gulfport Jail Heliport], Mississippi, US (41 mi / 66 km NE)
0LS3 Venice [Evergreen Venice Heliport], Louisiana, US (41 mi / 66 km S)
45LA Venice [Bristow US LLC Heliport], Louisiana, US (41 mi / 66 km S)
LS52 Venice [Era Helicopters Venice Base Heliport], Louisiana, US (42 mi / 67 km S)
LA47 Venice [Marathon Venice Heliport], Louisiana, US (42 mi / 68 km S)
KASD ASD Slidell, Louisiana, US (42 mi / 68 km NW)
KNEW NEW NEW New Orléans [Lakefront Airport], Louisiana, US (42 mi / 68 km W)
LA08 Belle Chasse [Jesuits Bend Heliport], Louisiana, US (42 mi / 68 km W)
30LA Venice [Venice Base Heliport & SPB], Louisiana, US (43 mi / 69 km S)
7LA7 Venice [Romere Pass SPB], Louisiana, US (43 mi / 69 km S)
LS12 Buras [Bastian Bay Heliport], Louisiana, US (43 mi / 69 km S)
3LS3 New Orléans [Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Heliport], Louisiana, US (43 mi / 70 km W)
8LA1 Venice [Chevron USA Inc. Heliport], Louisiana, US (43 mi / 70 km S)
KBIX BIX BIX Biloxi [Keesler AFB], Mississippi, US (44 mi / 70 km NE)
8LA4 Venice [Conoco Inc. Venice Heliport], Louisiana, US (44 mi / 70 km S)

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