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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 2815'31"N 5419'03"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
OTHH DOH Doha [Hamad Intl (New Doha Intl)], QA (265 mi / 427 km SW)
OMAF Futayasi, AE (267 mi / 429 km S)
OTBD (DOH) Doha [Intl], QA (267 mi / 430 km SW)
IAQ OI20 Bahregan, Bushehr, IR (268 mi / 431 km NW)
OMAM DHF Muqatra [Al Dhafra AB], Abu Dhabi, AE (276 mi / 445 km S)
OBKH Awali [Sakhir AB], BH (279 mi / 449 km SW)
OIZJ Jask [Jask Airport], Hormozgan, IR (280 mi / 450 km SE)
XZF Dammam [Dammam Harbour], SA (280 mi / 451 km SW)
OBBS Bahrain [Isa AB (Shaikh Isa AB)], BH (281 mi / 451 km SW)
OERT Ras Tanura [Ras Tanura Airport], Ash Sharqiyah, SA (284 mi / 456 km W)
OTBH XJD Doha [Al Udeid AB (Abu Nakhlah Airport)], QA (285 mi / 459 km SW)
OMDL ZDY Delma Island (Dalma Island) [Delma Airport], Abu Dhabi, AE (286 mi / 460 km SW)
OMAL AAN Al Ain [Intl], Abu Dhabi, AE (287 mi / 461 km S)
OEDR DHA Dhahran [King Abdulaziz AB (Dhahran Intl)], Ash Sharqiyah, SA (291 mi / 468 km SW)
OOBR RMB Buraimi, OM (291 mi / 469 km S)
OMBY XSB OM10 Sir Bani Yas Island [Sir Bani Yas Airport], Abu Dhabi, AE (294 mi / 473 km S)
OEAA Abu Ali, SA (297 mi / 478 km W)
OEJL Jubail [King Abdul Aziz Naval Base], Ash Sharqiyah, SA (297 mi / 478 km W)
OE50 King Abdulaziz Naval Base, SA (297 mi / 478 km W)
OMAJ Jebel Dhana (Jebel Dana), Abu Dhabi, AE (300 mi / 482 km S)

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