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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 2605'28"N 10806'31"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
0TA7 Marfa [Alta Vista Ranch Airport], Texas, US (380 mi / 611 km NE)
AZ17 Douglas [Circle H Ranch Airport], Arizona, US (381 mi / 613 km N)
MM64 Cuatro Cienegas New, Coahuila, MX (381 mi / 614 km E)
KDUG DUG DUG Douglas (Bisbee) [Bisbee Douglas Intl], Arizona, US (381 mi / 614 km N)
09TS Marathon [Pitcock Rosillos Mountain Ranch Airport], Texas, US (382 mi / 615 km NE)
MMEP TPQ Tepic [Amado Nervo National], Nayarit, MX (382 mi / 615 km SE)
6AZ6 Bisbee [Copper Queen Hospital Heliport], Arizona, US (382 mi / 615 km N)
21TE Marfa [Macguire Ranch Airport], Texas, US (382 mi / 616 km NE)
MM32 Puerto Libertad North, Sonora, MX (383 mi / 617 km NW)
AZ26 Palominas [Evelyn Field], Arizona, US (384 mi / 617 km N)
KMRF MRF MRF Marfa [Muni], Texas, US (386 mi / 621 km NE)
03AZ Hereford [Thompson Intl Aviation], Arizona, US (387 mi / 623 km N)
5TE9 Sierra Blanca [Sierra Blanca Heliport], Texas, US (387 mi / 623 km NE)
MMGR GUB MM58 Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, MX (388 mi / 625 km W)
BHL Bahia de los Angeles, Baja California, MX (389 mi / 626 km NW)
2AZ9 McNeal [Ethnos Air Airport], Arizona, US (391 mi / 629 km N)
E35 Fabens, Texas, US (392 mi / 631 km N)
TA64 Marathon [Persimmon Gap Ranch Airport], Texas, US (392 mi / 631 km NE)
TA62 Clint [Rancho San Lorenzo Airport], Texas, US (394 mi / 634 km N)
MMNG NOG Nogales [Intl], Sonora, MX (394 mi / 634 km NW)

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