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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 23°15'10"N 105°11'19"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZPWS WNH Wenshan (Yanshan County) [Wenshan Puzhehei Airport], Yunnan, CN (59 mi / 94 km W)
ZGBS AEB Baise (Bose) [Baise Bama Airport (Baise Youjiang Airport, Tianyang Airport)], Guangxi, CN (117 mi / 188 km E)
ZUYI ACX Xingyi [Xingyi Wanfenglin Airport], Guizhou, CN (132 mi / 212 km N)
VVKP Bac Giang [Kep AB], VN (145 mi / 234 km SE)
VVNB HAN Hanoi [Noi Bai Intl], VN (145 mi / 234 km S)
VVNS SQH Son-La [Na-San (Nasan)], VN (158 mi / 255 km SW)
VVGL Hanoi [Gia Lam (City)], VN (159 mi / 255 km S)
VVDB DIN Gia Lam [Dien Bien Phu], VN (189 mi / 304 km SW)
ZGHC HCJ Hechi [Hechi Jinchengjiang Airport (Hechi Jin Cheng Jiang Airport)], Guangxi, CN (191 mi / 307 km NE)
ZPPP KMG Kunming [Kunming Changshui Intl], Yunnan, CN (191 mi / 307 km NW)
VV03 Hai Phong (Haiphong) [Kien An], VN (191 mi / 308 km SE)
VVCI HPH Hai Phong (Haiphong) [Cat Bi Intl], VN (194 mi / 313 km SE)
ZGNN NNG Nanning [Wuxu Intl], Guangxi, CN (195 mi / 314 km E)
(ZPPP) (KMG) Kunming [Kunming Wujiaba Intl], Yunnan, CN (195 mi / 314 km NW)
VVVD VDO Quang Ninh (Ha Long) [Van Don Intl], VN (205 mi / 329 km SE)
VLSN NEU Sam Neua, LA (208 mi / 335 km S)
HOE Houeisay, LA (211 mi / 339 km SW)
ZUAS AVA Anshun [Anshun Huangguoshu Airport], Guizhou, CN (211 mi / 340 km N)
VV01 Bai Thuong, VN (231 mi / 372 km S)
VVTX THD Tho Xuan [Tho Xuan Airport (Thanh Hoá Airport, Sao Vàng Airport)], VN (231 mi / 372 km S)

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