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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 22°16'S 166°28'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NVSF CCV Craig Cove, Ambryn Island, Malampa, VU (424 mi / 682 km N)
NVSU ULB Uléi [Uléi Airport], Ambryn Island, Malampa, VU (426 mi / 685 km N)
NVSP NUS Norsup, Malekula Island, Malampa, VU (430 mi / 692 km N)
NVSO LNE Lonorore, Pentecost (Pentecôte) Island, Pénama, VU (454 mi / 731 km N)
GC0085 Ratua Island [Ratua Airfield], Sanma, VU (460 mi / 740 km N)
NVSS SON Espíritu Santo (Luganville) [Santo-Pekoa Intl], Espíritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (468 mi / 753 km N)
YSNF NLK Norfolk Island, NF (475 mi / 765 km S)
NVSR RCL Redcliffe, Ambae Island, Pénama, VU (476 mi / 766 km N)
NVSW WLH Walaha, Ambae Island, Pénama, VU (478 mi / 770 km N)
NVSH SSR Sara, Pentecost (Pentecôte) Island, Pénama, VU (480 mi / 773 km N)
GC0086 Lataroa Island [Lataroa Island Airfield], Sanma, VU (484 mi / 778 km N)
GC0087 Velit Bay [Velit Bay Airfield], Espiritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (484 mi / 779 km N)
NVSG LOD Longana, Ambae Island, Pénama, VU (489 mi / 786 km N)
NVSZ OLJ Olpoi [North West Santo], Espíritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (508 mi / 818 km N)
NVSN MWF Naone, Maewo Island, Pénama, VU (511 mi / 822 km N)
NVSQ ZGU Gaua Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (558 mi / 899 km N)
NVSC SLH Sola, Vanua Lava Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (583 mi / 938 km N)
NVSA MTV Ablow [Mota Lava], Mota Lava Island, Torba, VU (597 mi / 961 km N)
NVSD TOH Loh/Linua [Torres Airstrip], Linua Island, Torba, VU (615 mi / 989 km N)
NFCS CST Castaway Island Resort, Qalito Island, FJ (760 mi / 1223 km E)

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