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Location codes 61-80 of 91 near location 2119'N 15750'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PMDY MDY MDY Sand Island [Henderson Field], Midway Atoll, UM (1315 mi / 2116 km NW)
PLCH CXI Christmas Island (Kiritimati) [Cassidy Intl], Line Islands, KI (1329 mi / 2139 km S)
(PM64) Green Island, Kure Atoll, Hawaii, US (1372 mi / 2208 km NW)
GC0038 Green Island, Kure Atoll, Hawaii, US (Code changed to PM64.OLD)
PLUR Jarvis Island, UM (1498 mi / 2411 km S)
PCIS CIS Kanton Island (Canton Island, Abariringa Island) [Canton Island Airport], Phoenix Islands, KI (1904 mi / 3064 km SW)
(PBAR) (BAR) Baker Island, UM (1922 mi / 3093 km SW)
NCPY PYE Penrhyn Island (Tongareva, Te Pitaka, Hararanga), CK (2084 mi / 3354 km S)
NCRK Rakahanga Atoll, CK (2165 mi / 3484 km S)
NCMH MHX Manihiki Island (Manuhiki, Tapuahua, Humphrey Island), CK (2189 mi / 3523 km S)
MJB C30 Mejit Atoll, MH (2211 mi / 3558 km W)
MAV 3N1 Taora Island (Maloelap Atoll) [Maloelap Airport], MH (2235 mi / 3597 km W)
TIC N18 Arno Atoll [Tinak], MH (2244 mi / 3611 km W)
UTK 03N Utirik Island [Utirik Airport], MH (2250 mi / 3621 km W)
KBT Kaben, MH (2253 mi / 3626 km W)
AUL Aur Island, MH (2256 mi / 3631 km W)
PAKO IKO IKO Nikolski [Nikolski Air Station], Alaska, US (2258 mi / 3634 km N)
AMR Arno, MH (2260 mi / 3637 km W)
AIM Ailuk Island, MH (2269 mi / 3652 km W)
KCN KCN Chernofski Harbor [Chernofski Harbor SPB], Alaska, US (2272 mi / 3656 km N)

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