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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 12°59'18"N 61°15'43"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
GC0028 Couva (Camden Base) [Camden Airfield], Trinidad Island, TT (177 mi / 284 km S)
SVGI GUI Guiria, Sucre, VE (181 mi / 291 km SW)
HTB Terre-de-Bas, GP (197 mi / 317 km N)
TFFM GBJ Marie Galante (Les Bases), Grand Bourg, GP (198 mi / 319 km N)
TFFS LSS Terre-de-Haut [Les Saintes Airport], Îles des Saintes, GP (199 mi / 320 km N)
SVRA Rio de Agua, Sucre, VE (203 mi / 326 km SW)
SVCP CUP Carúpano [General José Francisco Bermúdez], Sucre, VE (210 mi / 337 km SW)
TFFB BBR Basse Terre [Baillif], GP (210 mi / 339 km N)
SVPE PDZ Pedernales, Delta Amacuro, VE (217 mi / 349 km S)
TFFC SFC St-François, GP (225 mi / 362 km N)
TFFR PTP Pointe-à-Pitre [Le Raizet], GP (226 mi / 364 km N)
TFFA DSD Grande Anse, La Desirade, GP (228 mi / 367 km N)
SVMG PMV Porlamar [Del Caribe "General Santiago Mariño" Intl], Isla Margarita, Nueva Esparta, VE (232 mi / 374 km SW)
SVIE Isla de Coche [Andres Miguel Salazar Marcano Airport], Nueva Esparta, VE (238 mi / 383 km SW)
SVMT MUN Maturín [Maturín Airport], Monagas, VE (257 mi / 414 km SW)
SVCU CUM Cumaná [Antonio José de Sucre], Sucre, VE (261 mi / 420 km SW)
SVLM Las Flores, Monagas, VE (265 mi / 426 km SW)
(TRPM) (MNI) Plymouth [W.H. Bramble (Blackburne)], MS (266 mi / 428 km N)
TRPG MNI Gerald's Park [John A. Osborne Airport (Gerald's Airport)], MS (269 mi / 433 km N)
SVTC TUV Tucupita, Delta Amacuro, VE (274 mi / 441 km S)

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