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No exact matches. Location codes 381-397 of 397 similar to 0MD4:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
3OH2 Mount Orab [Air Care & Mobile Care Mount Orab Heliport], Ohio, US
53TS Waller [Moria Meadow Airport], Texas, US
3NE5 Murdock [Mt. Airfield], Nebraska, US
84TA Moody [Flying Fajita Airport], Texas, US
6FA3 Panama City [Med Trans Base Heliport], Florida, US
28VT Windsor [Mt. Ascutney Hospital Heliport], Vermont, US
5NY3 Lewiston [Mount St. Marys Hospital Helipad], New York, US
38VT Shelburne [Muddy Paw Airport], Vermont, US
29TA Frisco [Med City Frisco Heliport], Texas, US
NV28 Hawthorne [Mt. Grant Hospital Heliport], Nevada, US
FADY De Aar Met, ZA
FVSM Sengwa Mouth, ZW
MDMB Mata Bonita, DO
NFB Mt Clemens [Detroit NAF], Michigan, US
NZRY Mount Mary, NZ
SCWJ Osorino Adolfo Mathei, CL
VOMH Mahad, IN

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