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Total: 27,744 mi
Average: 816 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) ABE (40°39'09"N 75°26'25"W) 020020.0°(N) 027026.7°(NE) 906 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) BKG (36°31'55"N 93°12'02"W) 312311.9°(NW) 319318.5°(NW) 890 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) CID (41°53'05"N 91°42'39"W) 330330.5°(NW) 337337.1°(NW) 1,097 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 349348.9°(N) 356355.5°(N) 808 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) ECP (30°21'30"N 85°47'44"W) 297297.2°(NW) 304303.9°(NW) 301 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) FNT (42°57'56"N 83°44'41"W) 353352.9°(N) 360359.6°(N) 1,011 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) LAN (42°46'43"N 84°35'10"W) 350350.4°(N) 357357.0°(N) 1,006 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) LEX (38°02'12"N 84°36'31"W) 345344.8°(N) 351351.4°(N) 689 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) LIT (34°43'46"N 92°13'29"W) 307306.8°(NW) 313313.4°(NW) 776 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) MLI (41°26'54"N 90°30'27"W) 332332.4°(NW) 339339.0°(N) 1,037 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) PHF (37°07'55"N 76°29'35"W) 024023.8°(NE) 030030.4°(NE) 662 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) TRI (36°28'31"N 82°24'27"W) 354353.7°(N) 000000.3°(N) 558 mi
MCO (28°25'46"N 81°18'32"W) TUL (36°11'54"N 95°53'17"W) 306305.9°(NW) 313312.5°(NW) 1,005 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) AUS (30°11'40"N 97°40'12"W) 273272.8°(W) 280279.5°(W) 954 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) BHM (33°33'50"N 86°45'08"W) 307306.8°(NW) 313313.4°(NW) 365 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) BUF (42°56'26"N 78°43'50"W) 010010.0°(N) 017016.6°(N) 874 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) MCI (39°17'51"N 94°42'50"W) 313313.0°(NW) 320319.6°(NW) 955 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) MEM (35°02'33"N 89°58'36"W) 305305.2°(NW) 312311.9°(NW) 575 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) MKE (42°56'49"N 87°53'49"W) 340339.9°(N) 347346.6°(N) 925 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) MSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 268268.3°(W) 275275.0°(W) 514 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) RIC (37°30'19"N 77°19'11"W) 026026.2°(NE) 033032.9°(NE) 544 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) SAT (29°32'02"N 98°28'09"W) 270270.5°(W) 277277.2°(W) 1,007 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) SDF (38°10'27"N 85°44'11"W) 338337.5°(N) 344344.2°(N) 578 mi
JAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) SJU (18°26'22"N 66°00'08"W) 127126.5°(SE) 133133.2°(SE) 1,288 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) AVL (35°26'10"N 82°32'31"W) 360359.9°(N) 006005.8°(N) 514 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) COS (38°48'21"N 104°42'03"W) 306306.0°(NW) 312311.9°(NW) 1,477 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) DAY (39°54'08"N 84°13'10"W) 354353.7°(N) 360359.6°(N) 828 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) DSM (41°32'02"N 93°39'47"W) 329328.9°(NW) 335334.8°(NW) 1,127 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) FNT (42°57'56"N 83°44'41"W) 357356.6°(N) 002002.4°(N) 1,036 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) GPT (30°24'26"N 89°04'12"W) 295294.5°(NW) 300300.4°(NW) 429 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) GSO (36°06'05"N 79°56'28"W) 015014.5°(N) 020020.4°(N) 580 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) HSV (34°38'14"N 86°46'30"W) 332332.4°(NW) 338338.2°(N) 523 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) OMA (41°18'11"N 95°53'39"W) 324324.0°(NW) 330329.8°(NW) 1,190 mi
TPA (27°58'32"N 82°32'00"W) ORF (36°53'41"N 76°12'04"W) 029029.4°(NE) 035035.2°(NE) 717 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
MCO FAA Orlando [Intl], FL, US
ABE FAA Allentown [Lehigh Valley Intl], PA, US
BKG FAA Branson, MO, US
CID FAA Cedar Rapids [The Eastern Iowa Airport], IA, US
DAY FAA Dayton [James M Cox Dayton Intl], OH, US
ECP FAA Panama City (Panama City Beach) [Northwest Florida Beaches Intl], FL, US
FNT FAA Flint [Bishop Intl], MI, US
LAN FAA Lansing [Capital Region Intl], MI, US
LEX FAA Lexington [Blue Grass Airport], KY, US
LIT FAA Little Rock [Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport/Adams Field], AR, US
MLI FAA Moline [Quad Cities Intl], IL, US
PHF FAA Newport News [Newport News/Williamsburg Intl], VA, US
TRI FAA Bristol/Johnson/Kingsport [Tri-Cities Airport], TN, US
TUL FAA Tulsa [Intl], OK, US
JAX FAA Jacksonville [Intl], FL, US
AUS FAA Austin [Austin-Bergstrom Intl], TX, US
BHM FAA Birmingham [Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Intl], AL, US
BUF FAA Buffalo [Buffalo Niagara Intl], NY, US
MCI FAA Kansas City [Intl], MO, US
MEM FAA Memphis [Intl], TN, US
MKE FAA Milwaukee [General Mitchell Intl], WI, US
MSY FAA New Orléans [Louis Armstrong New Orléans Intl], LA, US
RIC FAA Richmond [Intl], VA, US
SAT FAA San Antonio [Intl], TX, US
SDF FAA Louisville [Louisville Muhammad Ali Intl (Standiford Field)], KY, US
SJU FAA San Juan [Luis Muñoz Marín Intl (Isla Verde Intl)], PR, US
TPA FAA Tampa [Intl], FL, US
AVL FAA Asheville [Asheville Regional], NC, US
COS FAA Colorado Springs [City of Colorado Springs Muni (Peterson AFB)], CO, US
DSM FAA Des Moines [Intl], IA, US
GPT FAA Gulfport [Gulfport-Biloxi Intl], MS, US
GSO FAA Greensboro [Piedmont Triad Intl], NC, US
HSV FAA Huntsville [Intl-Carl T Jones Field], AL, US
OMA FAA Omaha [Eppley Airfield], NE, US
ORF FAA Norfolk [Intl], VA, US

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