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From To Initial
Total: 37,288 mi
Average: 867 mi
8 segment path:
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) 107106.6°(E) 095094.8°(E) 2,119 mi
CUN (21°02'12"N 86°52'37"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 302301.5°(NW) 304303.7°(NW) 2,119 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) 087087.4°(E) 076075.6°(E) 1,235 mi
DFW (32°53'50"N 97°02'16"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 279279.2°(W) 276276.1°(W) 1,235 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) PVR (20°40'48"N 105°15'15"W) 135135.2°(SE) 123123.5°(SE) 1,218 mi
PVR (20°40'48"N 105°15'15"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 321321.3°(NW) 315314.8°(NW) 1,218 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 094093.6°(E) 082081.9°(E) 370 mi
PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) 276276.0°(W) 266265.9°(W) 355 mi
9,867 mi
4 segment path:
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) 066065.9°(NE) 054054.1°(NE) 2,475 mi
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 274273.9°(W) 287286.7°(W) 2,475 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) 077076.8°(E) 065065.1°(NE) 2,125 mi
CLT (35°12'49"N 80°56'57"W) ILM (34°16'16"N 77°54'10"W) 110109.7°(E) 117117.4°(SE) 185 mi
7,260 mi
4 segment path:
RDU (35°52'40"N 78°47'15"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 289288.8°(W) 298298.0°(NW) 1,436 mi
DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) 245245.0°(SW) 237237.2°(SW) 854 mi
LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 047046.7°(NE) 035035.0°(NE) 231 mi
LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) 228228.4°(SW) 217217.0°(SW) 231 mi
2,752 mi
13 segment path:
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) ANC (61°10'27"N 149°59'53"W) 333333.0°(NW) 321321.2°(NW) 2,345 mi
ANC (61°10'27"N 149°59'53"W) CDV (60°29'30"N 145°28'39"W) 105105.2°(E) 090089.7°(E) 160 mi
CDV (60°29'30"N 145°28'39"W) YAK (59°30'12"N 139°39'37"W) 106106.2°(E) 089089.3°(E) 213 mi
YAK (59°30'12"N 139°39'37"W) JNU (58°21'17"N 134°34'42"W) 111111.4°(E) 093093.2°(E) 198 mi
JNU (58°21'17"N 134°34'42"W) AGN (57°30'13"N 134°35'06"W) 180180.2°(S) 162161.5°(S) 59 mi
AGN (57°30'13"N 134°35'06"W) TKE (57°46'47"N 135°13'06"W) 309309.4°(NW) 291290.8°(W) 30 mi
TKE (57°46'47"N 135°13'06"W) JNU (58°21'17"N 134°34'42"W) 030030.3°(NE) 012011.7°(N) 46 mi
JNU (58°21'17"N 134°34'42"W) PSG (56°48'05"N 132°56'46"W) 150149.9°(SE) 131131.1°(SE) 123 mi
PSG (56°48'05"N 132°56'46"W) WRG (56°29'04"N 132°22'11"W) 135134.7°(SE) 116116.2°(SE) 31 mi
WRG (56°29'04"N 132°22'11"W) KTN (55°21'15"N 131°42'40"W) 162161.6°(S) 143143.2°(SE) 82 mi
KTN (55°21'15"N 131°42'40"W) SEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) 140139.6°(SE) 121121.4°(SE) 680 mi
SEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 166166.3°(S) 151150.8°(SE) 954 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) 320319.8°(NW) 308308.1°(NW) 337 mi
5,260 mi
3 segment path:
STS (38°30'35"N 122°48'46"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 141140.7°(SE) 127127.2°(SE) 400 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) HNL (21°19'04"N 157°55'13"W) 261260.5°(W) 249248.8°(W) 2,556 mi
HNL (21°19'04"N 157°55'13"W) MKK (21°09'10"N 157°05'47"W) 102101.9°(E) 092092.4°(E) 54 mi
3,010 mi
3 segment path:
LUP (21°12'40"N 156°58'25"W) MKK (21°09'10"N 157°05'47"W) 243243.2°(SW) 234233.7°(SW) 9 mi
MKK (21°09'10"N 157°05'47"W) OGG (20°53'55"N 156°25'50"W) 112112.0°(E) 102102.5°(E) 46 mi
OGG (20°53'55"N 156°25'50"W) MUE (20°00'05"N 155°40'05"W) 141141.2°(SE) 132131.7°(SE) 79 mi
134 mi
KOA (19°44'20"N 156°02'44"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 059059.2°(NE) 050049.7°(NE) 2,504 mi
4 segment path:
LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) SMF (38°41'44"N 121°35'27"W) 331331.3°(NW) 320319.6°(NW) 387 mi
SMF (38°41'44"N 121°35'27"W) LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) 149149.2°(SE) 136135.9°(SE) 387 mi
LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 047046.7°(NE) 035035.0°(NE) 231 mi
LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) LGB (33°49'05"N 118°09'07"W) 228228.4°(SW) 217217.0°(SW) 231 mi
1,236 mi
LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) FLL (26°04'18"N 80°08'59"W) 093092.9°(E) 081081.2°(E) 2,343 mi
2 segment path:
MIA (25°47'43"N 80°17'24"W) ORD (41°58'36"N 87°54'26"W) 341340.6°(N) 347347.5°(N) 1,197 mi
ORD (41°58'36"N 87°54'26"W) SNA (33°40'32"N 117°52'06"W) 261260.5°(W) 264264.3°(W) 1,726 mi
2,922 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
LAX FAA Los Angeles [Intl], CA, US
CUN DAFIF Cancún [Cancún Intl], ROO, MX
DFW FAA Dallas-Fort Worth [Intl], TX, US
PVR DAFIF Puerto Vallarta [Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Intl], JAL, MX
PHX FAA Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], AZ, US
LGB FAA Long Beach [Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field)], CA, US
JFK FAA New York [John F Kennedy Intl], NY, US
CLT FAA Charlotte [Charlotte/Douglas Intl], NC, US
ILM FAA Wilmington [Intl], NC, US
RDU FAA Raleigh/Durham [Raleigh-Durham Intl], NC, US
DEN FAA Denver [Intl], CO, US
LAS FAA Las Vegas [McCarran Intl], NV, US
ANC FAA Anchorage [Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl], AK, US
CDV FAA Cordova [Merle K Airport (Mudhole) Smith], AK, US
YAK FAA Yakutat, AK, US
JNU FAA Juneau [Intl], AK, US
AGN FAA Angoon [Angoon SPB], AK, US
TKE FAA Tenakee Springs [Tenakee SPB], AK, US
PSG FAA Petersburg [Petersburg James A Johnson Airport], AK, US
WRG FAA Wrangell, AK, US
KTN FAA Ketchikan [Intl], AK, US
SEA FAA Seattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
SFO FAA San Francisco [Intl], CA, US
STS FAA Santa Rosa [Charles M Schulz - Sonoma County Airport], CA, US
HNL FAA Honolulu [Daniel K Inouye Intl], Oahu, HI, US
MKK FAA Kaunakakai [Molokai Airport], Molokai, HI, US
LUP FAA Kalaupapa, Molokai, HI, US
OGG FAA Kahului, Maui, HI, US
MUE FAA Kamuela [Waimea-Kohala Airport], Hawaii, HI, US
KOA FAA Kailua/Kona [Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl at Keahole], Hawaii, HI, US
SMF FAA Sacramento [Intl], CA, US
FLL FAA Fort Lauderdale [Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl], FL, US
MIA FAA Miami [Intl], FL, US
ORD FAA Chicago [Chicago O'Hare Intl], IL, US
SNA FAA Santa Ana [John Wayne/Orange County Airport], CA, US

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