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Total: 33,930 mi
Average: 870 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) ACV (40°58'40"N 124°06'30"W) 339338.7°(N) 326325.6°(NW) 250 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) BFL (35°26'02"N 119°03'28"W) 128128.2°(SE) 115115.1°(SE) 238 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) BOI (43°33'52"N 116°13'22"W) 036036.3°(NE) 023023.2°(NE) 522 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) BOS (42°21'47"N 71°00'23"W) 066066.4°(NE) 053053.3°(NE) 2,704 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) BUR (34°12'02"N 118°21'31"W) 135135.1°(SE) 122122.0°(SE) 326 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) EUG (44°07'28"N 123°12'43"W) 355354.7°(N) 342341.6°(N) 451 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) FAT (36°46'36"N 119°43'08"W) 111110.8°(E) 098097.7°(E) 158 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) HNL (21°19'04"N 157°55'13"W) 252252.2°(W) 239239.1°(SW) 2,398 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) ITO (19°43'13"N 155°02'54"W) 247247.1°(SW) 234233.9°(SW) 2,318 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) KOA (19°44'20"N 156°02'44"W) 248248.1°(W) 235235.0°(SW) 2,367 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) LIH (21°58'34"N 159°20'20"W) 254254.5°(W) 241241.4°(SW) 2,447 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) LAS (36°04'48"N 115°09'08"W) 103102.7°(E) 090089.5°(E) 414 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) MFR (42°22'30"N 122°52'24"W) 356355.6°(N) 342342.4°(N) 329 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) MRY (36°35'13"N 121°50'34"W) 157157.4°(SE) 144144.2°(SE) 77 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) OGG (20°53'55"N 156°25'50"W) 250250.2°(W) 237237.0°(SW) 2,338 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) ONT (34°03'22"N 117°36'04"W) 131131.1°(SE) 118118.0°(SE) 363 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) OTH (43°25'01"N 124°14'49"W) 347346.8°(N) 334333.6°(NW) 412 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) PDX (45°35'19"N 122°35'49"W) 359358.9°(N) 346345.7°(N) 550 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) PHX (33°26'03"N 112°00'42"W) 113113.2°(SE) 100100.1°(E) 651 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) PSP (33°49'47"N 116°30'24"W) 127126.6°(SE) 113113.5°(SE) 421 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) RDD (40°30'32"N 122°17'36"W) 001001.2°(N) 348348.1°(N) 199 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) RDM (44°15'15"N 121°09'00"W) 008007.6°(N) 354354.4°(N) 462 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) RNO (39°29'57"N 119°46'05"W) 047046.6°(NE) 033033.5°(NE) 192 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SAN (32°44'01"N 117°11'23"W) 137137.4°(SE) 124124.3°(SE) 447 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SBA (34°25'34"N 119°50'29"W) 146146.4°(SE) 133133.3°(SE) 262 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SBP (35°14'14"N 120°38'33"W) 149149.0°(SE) 136135.9°(SE) 190 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) 000000.3°(N) 347347.1°(N) 679 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SLC (40°47'18"N 111°58'40"W) 065065.4°(NE) 052052.2°(NE) 599 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SMF (38°41'44"N 121°35'27"W) 030029.7°(NE) 017016.5°(N) 86 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) SNA (33°40'32"N 117°52'06"W) 136135.7°(SE) 123122.5°(SE) 372 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) STS (38°30'35"N 122°48'46"W) 339338.9°(N) 326325.8°(NW) 66 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) TUS (32°06'58"N 110°56'28"W) 117116.9°(SE) 104103.8°(E) 751 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) DEN (39°51'42"N 104°40'23"W) 075075.3°(E) 062062.2°(NE) 967 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) EWR (40°41'33"N 74°10'07"W) 070069.8°(E) 057056.7°(NE) 2,565 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) IAD (38°56'51"N 77°27'36"W) 074073.6°(E) 060060.5°(NE) 2,419 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) IAH (29°59'04"N 95°20'29"W) 101100.7°(E) 088087.6°(E) 1,635 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) LAX (33°56'33"N 118°24'29"W) 137137.5°(SE) 124124.4°(SE) 337 mi
SFO (37°37'08"N 122°22'31"W) ORD (41°58'37"N 87°54'29"W) 070069.7°(E) 057056.6°(NE) 1,846 mi
OGG (20°53'55"N 156°25'50"W) ITO (19°43'13"N 155°02'54"W) 132131.9°(SE) 122122.3°(SE) 121 mi

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
SFO FAA San Francisco [Intl], CA, US
ACV FAA Arcata/Eureka [California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport], CA, US
BFL FAA Bakersfield (Oildale) [Meadows Field], CA, US
BOI FAA Boise [Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field], ID, US
BOS FAA Boston [General Edward Lawrence Logan Intl], MA, US
BUR FAA Burbank [Bob Hope Airport], CA, US
EUG FAA Eugene [Mahlon Sweet Field], OR, US
FAT FAA Fresno [Fresno Yosemite Intl], CA, US
HNL FAA Honolulu [Daniel K Inouye Intl], Oahu, HI, US
ITO FAA Hilo [Hilo Intl], Hawaii, HI, US
KOA FAA Kailua/Kona [Ellison Onizuka Kona Intl at Keahole], Hawaii, HI, US
LIH FAA Lihue [Lihue Airport], Kauai, HI, US
LAS FAA Las Vegas [Harry Reid Intl (McCarran Intl)], NV, US
MFR FAA Medford [Rogue Valley Intl - Medford], OR, US
MRY FAA Monterey [Monterey Regional], CA, US
OGG FAA Kahului, Maui, HI, US
ONT FAA Ontario [Intl], CA, US
OTH FAA North Bend [Southwest Oregon Regional], OR, US
PDX FAA Portland [Intl], OR, US
PHX FAA Phoenix [Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl], AZ, US
PSP FAA Palm Springs [Intl], CA, US
RDD FAA Redding [Muni], CA, US
RDM FAA Redmond [Roberts Field], OR, US
RNO FAA Reno [Reno/Tahoe Intl], NV, US
SAN FAA San Diego [Intl], CA, US
SBA FAA Santa Barbara [Muni], CA, US
SBP FAA San Luis Obispo [San Luis County Regional], CA, US
SEA FAA Seattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
SLC FAA Salt Lake City [Intl], UT, US
SMF FAA Sacramento [Intl], CA, US
SNA FAA Santa Ana [John Wayne/Orange County Airport], CA, US
STS FAA Santa Rosa [Charles M Schulz - Sonoma County Airport], CA, US
TUS FAA Tucson [Intl], AZ, US
DEN FAA Denver [Intl], CO, US
EWR FAA Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US
IAD FAA Washington [Washington Dulles Intl], DC, US
IAH FAA Houston [George Bush Intercontinental Airport], TX, US
LAX FAA Los Angeles [Intl], CA, US
ORD FAA Chicago [Chicago O'Hare Intl], IL, US

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