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Great Circle Mapper

From To Initial
Total: 29,473 mi
Average: 614 mi
SIN (121'33"N 10359'22"E) EWR (4041'33"N 7410'07"W) 358357.9(N) 358357.8(N) 9,534 mi
22 segment path:
SIN (121'33"N 10359'22"E) TOMAN (121'47"N 10547'17"E) 090089.9(E) 090089.8(E) 124 mi
TOMAN (121'47"N 10547'17"E) AKMON (812'54"N 11013'06"E) 033032.8(NE) 033032.7(NE) 561 mi
AKMON (812'54"N 11013'06"E) MEVIN (2100'00"N 12233'00"E) 042041.8(NE) 042042.4(NE) 1,204 mi
MEVIN (2100'00"N 12233'00"E) MAGMA (2247'51"N 12349'01"E) 033033.1(NE) 037037.2(NE) 148 mi
MAGMA (2247'51"N 12349'01"E) SADEK (2300'16"N 12357'54"E) 034033.6(NE) 038038.2(NE) 17 mi
SADEK (2300'16"N 12357'54"E) KAZIK (2320'57"N 12413'07"E) 034034.2(NE) 039038.8(NE) 29 mi
KAZIK (2320'57"N 12413'07"E) AZAMA (2609'39"N 12748'03"E) 049048.6(NE) 053053.4(NE) 297 mi
AZAMA (2609'39"N 12748'03"E) TAMAK (2731'53"N 12905'53"E) 040040.0(NE) 046045.7(NE) 124 mi
TAMAK (2731'53"N 12905'53"E) SHIBK (2939'14"N 13204'50"E) 050050.4(NE) 056056.5(NE) 233 mi
SHIBK (2939'14"N 13204'50"E) BUNGU (3407'09"N 13929'54"E) 053052.9(NE) 060059.5(NE) 533 mi
BUNGU (3407'09"N 13929'54"E) SYOYU (3443'49"N 14040'34"E) 058057.6(NE) 065064.9(NE) 79 mi
SYOYU (3443'49"N 14040'34"E) KAGIS (3549'13"N 14233'49"E) 054054.3(NE) 062061.6(NE) 130 mi
KAGIS (3549'13"N 14233'49"E) PUTER (3819'57"N 14531'07"E) 042042.4(NE) 050049.7(NE) 238 mi
PUTER (3819'57"N 14531'07"E) SELDM (5853'46"N 16557'12"W) 040040.2(NE) 048047.6(NE) 2,557 mi
SELDM (5853'46"N 16557'12"W) PORGE (5923'00"N 16300'00"W) 071070.9(E) 063062.6(NE) 110 mi
PORGE (5923'00"N 16300'00"W) HAMND (6029'55"N 15440'36"W) 071071.5(E) 062061.8(NE) 299 mi
HAMND (6029'55"N 15440'36"W) TED (6110'04"N 14957'37"W) 072071.7(E) 059058.5(NE) 166 mi
TED (6110'04"N 14957'37"W) YRL (5104'17"N 9345'43"W) 082082.4(E) 067067.4(NE) 2,203 mi
YRL (5104'17"N 9345'43"W) SSM (4624'43"N 8418'54"W) 123123.1(SE) 123123.3(SE) 538 mi
SSM (4624'43"N 8418'54"W) BUF (4255'44"N 7838'47"W) 129128.7(SE) 136136.1(SE) 368 mi
BUF (4255'44"N 7838'47"W) HNK (4203'47"N 7518'59"W) 108108.2(E) 119118.8(SE) 180 mi
HNK (4203'47"N 7518'59"W) EWR (4041'33"N 7410'07"W) 147147.4(SE) 160159.6(S) 112 mi
10,252 mi (+7.5%)
25 segment path:
EWR (4041'33"N 7410'07"W) GREKI (4128'48"N 7318'51"W) 039039.1(NE) 052051.7(NE) 70 mi
GREKI (4128'48"N 7318'51"W) JUDDS (4138'05"N 7306'21"W) 045045.3(NE) 058058.4(NE) 15 mi
JUDDS (4138'05"N 7306'21"W) CAM (4259'39"N 7320'38"W) 353352.7(N) 006005.9(N) 95 mi
CAM (4259'39"N 7320'38"W) YMX (4553'18"N 7422'32"W) 346346.0(N) 359359.5(N) 206 mi
YMX (4553'18"N 7422'32"W) HENDY (5107'18"N 7414'42"W) 001000.9(N) 015014.5(N) 362 mi
HENDY (5107'18"N 7414'42"W) YFM (5342'42"N 7342'11"W) 007007.1(N) 022022.5(N) 181 mi
YFM (5342'42"N 7342'11"W) DAPAK (7345'00"N 7000'00"W) 003003.0(N) 020019.8(N) 1,392 mi
DAPAK (7345'00"N 7000'00"W) THT (7632'33"N 6814'21"W) 008008.3(N) 044044.5(NE) 196 mi
THT (7632'33"N 6814'21"W) ABERI (8730'00"N 3200'00"E) 010010.1(N) 050049.7(NE) 979 mi
ABERI (8730'00"N 3200'00"E) MOTEM (8010'06"N 9011'36"E) 108107.9(E) 075074.9(E) 609 mi
MOTEM (8010'06"N 9011'36"E) ADIDA (5134'36"N 10434'18"E) 161161.4(S) 115115.1(SE) 2,008 mi
ADIDA (5134'36"N 10434'18"E) LETBI (5011'54"N 10330'06"E) 207206.6(SW) 211211.3(SW) 106 mi
LETBI (5011'54"N 10330'06"E) MORIT (4202'00"N 10249'00"E) 184183.6(S) 188187.6(S) 565 mi
MORIT (4202'00"N 10249'00"E) YBL (3925'42"N 10246'18"E) 181180.8(S) 184183.8(S) 180 mi
YBL (3925'42"N 10246'18"E) ZYG (3006'54"N 10440'36"E) 170169.9(S) 173172.7(S) 651 mi
ZYG (3006'54"N 10440'36"E) SAGAG (2111'30"N 10137'24"E) 198197.9(S) 200200.5(S) 643 mi
SAGAG (2111'30"N 10137'24"E) LPB (1953'58"N 10209'37"E) 159158.5(S) 160159.9(S) 95 mi
LPB (1953'58"N 10209'37"E) YAKUA (1744'15"N 10130'52"E) 196196.0(S) 197197.3(S) 155 mi
YAKUA (1744'15"N 10130'52"E) BKK (1353'37"N 10035'46"E) 193193.1(S) 194194.3(S) 271 mi
BKK (1353'37"N 10035'46"E) VPK (322'59"N 10325'24"E) 165164.8(S) 166165.6(S) 748 mi
VPK (322'59"N 10325'24"E) BIKTA (243'37"N 10343'08"E) 156155.6(SE) 156155.7(SE) 49 mi
BIKTA (243'37"N 10343'08"E) PIBAP (230'23"N 10406'18"E) 120119.6(SE) 120119.6(SE) 31 mi
PIBAP (230'23"N 10406'18"E) PASPU (159'15"N 10406'18"E) 180180.0(S) 180180.0(S) 36 mi
PASPU (159'15"N 10406'18"E) NYLON (136'54"N 10406'24"E) 180179.7(S) 180179.7(S) 26 mi
NYLON (136'54"N 10406'24"E) SIN (121'33"N 10359'22"E) 205204.8(SW) 205204.7(SW) 19 mi
9,688 mi (+1.6%)

 Code Dictionary
Code Source Location
SIN AIP Singapore [Changi Intl], SG
EWR FAA Newark [Newark Liberty Intl], NJ, US
BINP other North Pole [Santa Claus Intl]

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