Featured Map for 1 December 2023:
Norse Atlantic Airways: December Versus July


Norse Atlantic Airways is a low-cost airline that operates ten Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners on intercontinental routes from bases at Oslo, London (Gatwick), and New York (JFK), plus two other routes, between Miami and both Berlin and Paris. Counting last month's charter to Antarctica via Cape Town, they've served five continents since beginning service 18 months ago on 14 June 2022, missing just Australia and South America.

The airline actually consists of two operating subsidiaries, each operating under a separate Air Operator's Certificate (AOC). Norse Atlantic Airways AS operates four 787s under a Norwegian AOC, whilst Norse Atlantic Airways UK operates six 787s under a British AOC. With rare exceptions, flights to and from London operate with UK-registered aircraft; Norwegian-registered aircraft operate the other routes. Cabin configurations and onboard services are common between the two.

Norse bills themselves as The Explorer's Airline. Comparing their December schedule versus their July schedule it appears that their explorers prefer warmer destinations as the northern winter approaches. Here are the changes:

OsloNew York3-
Los Angeles2-
Ft. Lauderdale2-
LondonNew York77
Los Angeles73-4
Ft. Lauderdale4-
San Francisco3-
New YorkParis75

Today's Featured Map compares Norse Atlantic's July 2023 schedule (red) versus their December 2023 schedule (blue), with path widths scaled to weekly frequency. The changes are fascinating compared to legacy passenger carriers which have relatively few seasonal routes, albeit with significant seasonal changes in frequency and/or capacity on some routes. (Freight carriers are an entirely different story, with wildly asymmmetric networks, but that's a tale for another day.)

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