Featured Map for 31 January 2023:
Bonza Launches In Australia


Bonza: Here for Allstralia
Bonza, a new low-cost carrier (LCC) in Australia, began scheduled passenger service early today (local time) from its hub at Sunshine Coast Airport (serving Maroochydore) to Proserpine (Whitsunday Coast). In the process, the airline became the first Australian operator of the Boeing 737 MAX, with a fleet of three 737-8 aircraft and another six on order. (Two more were returned to their lessors late last year after the carrier's Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) was delayed to early this year.)

The airline's initial flight offerings cover 12 destinations via 15 routes (including four routes not involving Maroochydore), all on a sub-weekly basis with most routes being operated 2-3 times per week. Maroochydore to Cairns will be served 5x weekly whilst Maroochydore to Newcastle and Townsville will be served 4x weekly.

Today's Featured Map illustrates Bonza's initial network, with routes from the Maroochydore hub in purple and the four other routes in sea green.

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