Featured Map for 21 January 2023:
Emerald Airlines


Emerald Airlines began operations on 26 February 2022, as the exclusive operator of the Aer Lingus Regional Network, with a fleet that now includes 12 ATR 72-600 aircraft. Earlier this week, the airline flew its one-millionth passenger. The lucky Brady Family, aboard flight EI 3304 from Dublin to Southampton, won awarded four complimentary, round-trip tickets on Emerald Airlines.

Today's Featured Map shows the Emerald Airlines network. The airline currently serves 13 destinations from its primary hub in Dublin (shown in dark green). Eight destinations are served from its second hub in Belfast (shown in light green), including one airport (Cardiff) which is not served from Dublin. Finally, a seasonal route from Dublin to Jersey is shown in blue.

(The map required some manual fiddling because the city names for two of the airports aren't what one would expect: Donegal Airport is in Carrickfinn and Jersey Airport is in St. Peter. In addition, the automatic placement of the names for Manchester and Southampton was poor. Improvements to address these shortcomings are on the rather long wishlist for site enhancements. Until then, this map demonstrates some workarounds.)

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