Featured Map for 15 January 2023:
Yeti Airlines 961 Crash


Earlier today, at about 11:05 am local time on 15 January 2023, Yeti Airlines flight 961 from Kathmandu to Pokhara International Airport crashed late Sunday morning approximately 1.2 nm short of the threshold of runway 12. The flight, operated by an ATR-72-212A (72-500) registered 9N-ANC, was on final approach when the aircraft apparently stalled. 68 passengers and four crew were aboard the aircraft;, with no survivors reported so far.

The flight was operating a short (77 nm / 143 km) flight to Pokhara International Airport, which just opened on New Year's Day, and had just flown over the old Pokhara Airport. (There is no evidence at this point to suggest that the change of airports contributed to the accident.)

Today's Featured Map illustrates the route of YT 691, marking both airports in Pokhara: VNPR is the new international airport and the flight's destination, whilst PKR is the old airport, less than 4 km west of the new airport.

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