Featured Map for 12 June 2018:
Longest CRJ Routes


A Featured Map last week led to a question about the longest routes flown with the Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ). The top three are flown by Jazz (as Air Canada Express) using the CRJ-900 and are all longer than 1,700 statute miles (2,740 km). The longest two are from Vancouver while the third is from Calgary, all to hubs of US carriers. The next-longest CRJ route is about 1,480 statute miles (2,380 km), flown by Endeavor for Delta.

Although passengers cringe at the prospect of any sort of regional jet on a long flight, or maybe on any flight, Jazz uses a 76-seat configuration tailored for longer flights including seat-back IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) for all passengers. Hot meals are available for the 12 first class passengers and a 34-inch pitch is used for the 64 economy seats, better than economy on most larger aircraft. The photographs of the interior (courtesy Bombardier) look quite inviting.

Today's Featured Map shows the three longest CRJ routes, all flown by Jazz.

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