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One Small Flight For A Woman ...


45 years ago, Emily Howell Warner worked her first flight as the first female pilot hired by a U.S. airline, Frontier Airlines. She had accumulated 3,500 hours of flying time prior to being hired, versus 1,500 to 2,000 hours for a typical male new-hire pilot at the time.

On that first flight she served as second officer on a Boeing 737 from Denver (Stapleton) to Las Vegas. On her next flight, the captain told her "Don't touch anything on the airplane," which probably wasn't difficult as second officer on the two-pilot 737. It wasn't long before she got to touch the controls as she was promoted to first officer within six months and then becamse the first female airline captain in the U.S. before the end of her third year with Frontier.

Soon after Warner was hired by Frontier she was folllowed by Bonnie Tiburzi, hired by American Airlines as a third officer (flight engineer) on Boeing 727s.

Today's Featured Map depicts the path of Emily Howell Warner's first flight as an airline pilot on 6 February 1973.

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