Featured Map for 1 February 2018:
Bombardier C Series


Bombardier's C Series family, consisting of the 108-seat CS100 and 130-seat CS300, scored a big win last week when the International Trade Commission (ITC) unanimously ruled that the aircraft family did not harm Boeing. This decision nullifies the U.S. Commerce Department's proposed duty of nearly 300% on sales of the C Series to airlines in the United States.

The C Series entered service on 15 July 2016 when launch-customer Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) operated a CS100 from Zürich to Paris (Charles de Gaulle). SWISS now operates a fleet of 15 C Series aircraft including seven of the larger CS300. Air Baltic was the second operator, now flying a fleet of seven CS300s, at Korean Air Lines became the third operated in December and now has two CS300s in service from Seoul. Although most of the routes are fairly short there are several longer routes, the longest being Air Baltic's trip to Abu Dhabi which has a block time of nearly six hours and covers a distance of 2,359 nm. Bombardier has also flown a demonstration flight across the Atlantic, from the short runway of London City Airport no less.

Today's Featured Map shows the two European networks as of today. SWISS' routes from hubs at Zürich and Geneva are shown in red for the CS300 and white for the CS100; several routes are served by both models. Air Baltic's routes from Riga are illistrated in the airline's bright, yellow-green color. (Korean Air Lines will be the subject of a future map. The airline currently operates just two short routes with the C Series, but will add two more by the end of the month.)

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