Featured Map for 22 September 2017:
Cranky Flier's Dorkfest 2017


Saturday is Cranky Flier's annual Dorkfest, conducted between 11 am and 1 pm at the In-N-Out Burger in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, a location which is wonderfully close to the touchdown point of runway 24R at LAX. In addition to a parade of narrowbody and regional aircraft from major carriers the following flights are on Saturday's dance card, listed with scheduled arrival times:

TN 8PPT10:55 amA340-300
SV 41JED11:00 am777-300ER
NH 6NRT11:00 am777-300ER
MU 2855NKG11:00 amA330-200
UA 33NRT11:05 am787-9 Dreamliner
CX 884HKG11:10 am777-300ER
AA 170NRT11:30 am787-9 Dreamliner
JL 62NRT11:40 am777-300ER
KL 601AMS11:55 am747-400 Combi
UA 1241EWR11:56 am777-200ER
SY 423MSP12:00 m737-700
CA 987PEK12:00 m787-9 Dreamliner
SK 939ARN12:15 pmA330-300
JL 60KIX12:15 pm787-8 Dreamliner
NZ 18RAR12:35 pm777-200ER
NZ 6AKL12:40 pm777-300ER
AF 66CDG12:50 pmA380-000
LH 456FRA12:55 pmA380-000
BA 283LHR13:05 pmA380-000
VS 7LHR13:20 pm787-9 Dreamliner
QO 2212MEX13:25 pm767-300F
SQ 12NRT13:25 pm777-300ER
FJ 810NAN13:25 pmA330-200
OS 81VIE13:30 pm777-200ER
AB 7430DUS13:45 pmA330-200
EK 215DXB13:55 pmA380-000
QR 739DOH14:00 pm777-200LR
SU 106SVO14:05 pm777-300ER

Today's Featured Map illustrates the routes these 28 flights will fly for our entertainment (and to carry some passengers and cargo, too). Hopefully I'll meet some of you there!

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