Featured Map for 12 June 2017:
San Diego to Continental Europe


This evening, San Diego will for the first time have two departures to Continental Europe. Edelweiss flight 19 is scheduled to depart for Zürich at 7:20 pm in an Airbus A340-300. This service, which also operates on Fridays (at a different time), debuted last Friday.

Condor flight 2059 is scheduled to depart for Frankfurt at 8:20 pm uses a Boeing 767-300ER. This seasonal service which is returning for a second year operates Mondays and Thursdays, also at different times, and started the 2017 season on 1 May with the last trip of the year planned for 5 October. A third trip will opereate Saturdays from 8 July through 2 September.

British Airways also offers daily service to Europe via London Heathrow in Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Today's Featured Map shows these routes to Zürich and Frankfurt..

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