Featured Map for 6 May 2017:
WestJet 767 (and European 737) Routes


On Tuesday, WestJet announced an order for up to 20 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft, with ten firm orders to be delivered starting in early 2019. In addition to 115 Boeing 737s, WestJet currently operates four ex-Qantas Boeing 767-300ER aircraft whose current routes may provide a hint as to where WestJet might initially fly the Dreamliner, though the new aircraft have substantially greater range which will allow WestJet to explore new possibilities.

With just four 767s, WestJet's long-haul destinations vary seasonally. Service to London Gatwick from WestJet's hub at Calgary and secondary hub at Toronto. During the winter, WestJet also flies the 767 on three routes to Hawaii, but now 767 flying to Hawaii has been scaled back and replaced by additional service to London, with additional summer service between Gatwick and Edmonton (twice weekly) and Winnipeg (once weekly) starting in June. (WestJet also serves Hawaii and Europe with the Boeing 737.)

Today's Featured Map shows WestJet's current 767 routes in navy and the winter Hawaiian 767 routes in teal. In addition, WestJet's two trans-Atlantic routes operated in the Boeing 737 are shown in teal.

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