Featured Map for 12 November 2016:
Deadliest Mid-Air Collision, Near New Delhi 20 Years Ago


30 years ago, on 12 November 1996, a Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin Il-76TD arriving New Delhi after a charter flight from Shymkent descended below its assigned altitude of 15,000 feet and collided in a cloud with a Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-168B at 14,000 feet which had departed New Delhi on scheduled flight SV 763 to Dhahran and continuing on to Jeddah. The collision destroyed both aircraft and killed all 349 passengers and crew, the deadliest mid-air collision and the third-deadliest aircraft accident ever after the ground collision at Tenerife on 27 March 1977 (583 killed) and the crash of Japan Airlines flight 8119 on 12 August 1985 (520 killed).

Today's Featured Map shows the arrival of Kazakhstan Airlines flight 1907 (blue) via the ESDEM transition to airway G542 and the AKBAN Arrival, and the departure path of Saudi flight 763 (green).

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