Featured Map for 26 May 2016:
American Airlines Intra-Texas


American Airlines serves 21 intra-Texas markets, all from their hub at Dallas/Fort Worth. Two of these routes are flown entirely by American Airlines itself: San Antonio is served with a mix of Boeing 737-800 and McDonnell-Douglas DC-9-80 (MD-80) aircraft, while Austin is served with those two types plus Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.

Another four routes are served with a mix of American Airlines and American Eagle flights; the remaining 15 are exclusively American Eagle markets. American Eagle routes are operated by Envoy Air (15 routes), ExpressJet (14 routes), and Mesa Airlines (9 routes), with all but three of the Eagle routes flown by multiple operators.

Today's Featured Map shows American's intra-Texas flying. Red indicates routes where some or all flights are operated by American Airlines; navy routes are solely American Eagle. Thanks to Colby McCormack for the map idea!

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