Featured Map for 20 December 2015:
Expanded airberlin Service from Düsseldorf to U.S. and Cuba


The imminent start of the northern winter leads many to thoughts of summer warmth. Last month, airberlin announced an expansion of summer 2016 flying (starting mid-spring, on 6 May 2016) from Düsseldorf to the United States and Cuba. Three new destinations (and one returning destination) as well as additional frequencies on existing routes will all be flown in Airbus A330-200 aircraft equipped with 290 seats:

In the U.S., Boston and Dallas-Fort Worth will be new destinations, with four weekly flights to each city. San Francisco will return for the summer with three weekly flights, expanding to five in June. Current service to Los Angeles and New York will be expanded by one weekly flight, bringing them to daily and twice-daily, respectively. Daily service to Miami and thrice-weekly service to Fort Myers will remain unchanged, as will daily service from Berlin Tegel to New York and Chicago.

In Cuba, Havana will be airberlin's second destinatation, with twice-weekly service; a third weekly flight to Varadero will also be added.

Although Düsseldorf is only Germany's ninth-largest city, it has a huge catchment aeaa. It is the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state with a population of about 17.5 million (over 20% of Germany's total population). The state's largest city is Cologne, fourth largest in Germany with a population just below one million and located about 40 km from Düsseldorf. Former German capital Bonn is also located in the state, within 70 km of Düsseldorf.

Today's Featured Map shows airberlin's new North American routes in red, with existing routes in grey.

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