Featured Map for 20 November 2015:
Retro Roo Delivery Flight


One year ago, the 75th Boeing 737-800 delivered to Qantas Airlnes was ferried from Seattle to Sydney. Three days earlier, on the 94th anniversary of the birth of Qantas as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service, VH-XZP (SN 44577 / LN 5146), named "James Strong" in memory of the former Qantas CEO, had been unveiled in Seattle dressed in the "Flying Kangaroo" livery from 1971-1984.

The delivery flight, with refueling stops at Honolulu and Nadi, Fiji, featured flight attendants in 1970s uniforms to match the aircraft, with Mai Tais and 1970s culinary delights created by Neil Perry for the fortunate guests on the middle (and longest) segment.

Today's Featured Map depicts the delivery flight of Retro Roo (and other Qantas 737s). Though the ochre window stripe of the livery reflects the land of the Australian outback there was very little land along the path of the delivery flight.

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