Featured Map for 27 April 2013:
Frontier at Trenton: A Whole Different Animal


Earlier this month, Frontier Airlines doubled the number of destinations it serves from Trenton Mercer Airport in New Jersey. The airport, which the airline promotes as Princeton/Trenton, is roughly midway between Newark and Philadelphia international airports. While the distance between these airports is modest, surface congestion makes Trenton more convenient for a large population base in central New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

Frontier service from Trenton uses Airbus A319 aircraft and began on 16 November 2012 with twice-weekly service to Orlando, but even before starting Frontier had announced service to four additional vacation destinations plus doubling of service to Orlando:

Earlier this month, Fronter began service to another five markets:

Ten days before flights to the new markets began, Frontier announced a two-month suspension of service at Trenton due to runway construction, with flights suspended effective 9 September 2013 and resuming on 8 November 2013.

Today's Featured Map shows all ten markets. The original five leisure markets are green while this month's five additional markets are blue.

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