Featured Map for 6 April 2012:
New US Landing Facilities


Yesterday was the effective date of a new, 56-day data cycle for the FAA. This cycle included the addition of 21 new landing facilities, shown on today's Featured Map, including 11 new airports (green), eight new heliports (red), and two new seaplane bases (blue).

New Airports:

Angier [C A G Farms Airport], NC, US (27NR)
Charleston [Harte Field], ME, US (2ME3)
Gun Barrel City [Gun Barrel City Airpark], TX, US (74XA)
Kooskia [Clear Creek Int Airport], ID, US (79ID)
Ellensburg [Rotor Ranch Airport], WA, US (79WT)
Sawyer [Southwest Lakes Airpark], MI, US (7MI2)
Samsula [Coe Field], FL, US (8FA4)
Briggs [Skotz Airfield], TX, US (99XA)
Stockton [Rooks County Regional], KS, US (RCP)
Camp Shelby [Shelby Auxiliary Field One Airport], MS, US (SH1)
Deer Park [Radial Flyer Airport], WA, US (WT21)

New Heliports:

Watertown [Brownlee Heliport], SD, US (15SD)
Americus [Phoebe Sumter Heliport], GA, US (1GA7)
Nordman [Phillabaum Heliport], ID, US (21ID)
Citronelle [Silcox Memorial Heliport], AL, US (35AL)
Lakewood [St. Anthony's Hospital Heliport], CO, US (42CO)
Castle Rock [Castle Rock Adventist Health Campus Heliport], CO, US (50CO)
Watsontown [Helicopter 1 LLC Heliport], PA, US (6PA7)
Mountain City [East Tennessee Helicopters Heliport], TN, US (9TN3)

New Seaplane Base:

Peru [Destiny Cove SPB], ME, US (3ME7)
Drummond Island [Yacht Haven SPB], MI, US (D22)


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