Featured Map for 21 October 2011:
New US Landing Facilities


Planned updates to key aviation data occurs on a fixed, 28-day cycle known as an Aeronautial Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) cycle. Some countries, including the United States, use a 56-day double AIRAC cycle. Updates are distributed well in advance of the cycle's effective date to allow time for systems to be updated with the new data before it takes effect.

Yesterday was the start of a new FAA cycle for the United States. This cycle included the addition of 30 new landing facilities, shown on today's Featured Map, including 18 new airports (green), 11 new heliports (red), and one new seaplane base (blue).

New Airports:

Sherman [Frog Pond Airport], TX, US (14XA)
Jacksonville [Hunter Field], TX, US (17XA)
Fremont [Murphy Airport], IN, US (3II0)
North East [Winchell Mountain Airport], NY, US (41NK)
Casper [American Falconry Airport], WY, US (45WY)
Crawfordsville [Ropkey Field], IN, US (50IN)
St. Wendel [Koester Field], IN, US (5II5)
Willsboro [Sunset Airport], NY, US (61NK)
Hickman [Alexander Field], KY, US (6KY7)
Belleville [Johnston Airport], MI, US (71MI)
Gallatin [Silvernails Field], NY, US (82NY)
Gove [Coberly Airport], KS, US (86KS)
Roseboro [Brocks Airport], NC, US (87NC)
Rochester [Hundley Airport], IL, US (8LL3)
Euclid [Shimpa Airstrip], MN, US (8MN1)
Reelsville [Coooper Field], IN, US (99II)
Ramsey [Brewer Airport], IL, US (LL69)
Gainesville [The 88 Airport], TX, US (XS62)

New Heliports:

Paterson [St. Joseph's Hospital Heliport], NJ, US (03NJ)
Annapolis [Anne Arundel Medical Center Heliport], MD, US (20MD)
Taylorville [Taylorville Memorial Hospital Heliport], IL, US (2LL0)
Santa Barbara [Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital Heliport], CA, US (3CN2)
East Moriches [The Moriches Bay Heliport], NY, US (51NK)
Kearny [Helo Kearny Heliport], NJ, US (65NJ)
Charlevoix [Charlevoix Area Hospital Heliport], MI, US (70MI)
Clay City [Clay City Vol. Fire Department Heliport], KY, US (9KY0)
Augusta [University Hospital Heliport], GA, US (GA13)
Ironwood [Grand View Health System Campus Heliport], MI, US (MI16)
Baltic [Baltic Heliport], OH, US (OH88)

New Seaplane Base:

Tavares [Searey Central SPB], FL, US (3FA8)


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