Featured Map: Generations of 747 First Flights (9 February 2011)

Yesterday and today mark the anniversaries of three milestones in the Boeing 747 program:

Today's featured map illustrates the nominal range of five models of 747 from New York. Because of the 747's range, typical range charts which show the areas within the aircraft's range can be difficult to understand, so an "inside out" map is used instead, centered on the antipode of New York which is well beyond the range of the 747. An azimuthal equidistant projection is used, which shows all of Earth flattened like an orange peel. While New York is marked at the top of the map, in this projection New York is the entire edge of the map rather than a single point.

Starting from the shortest range (the largest range contour, closest to New York), the range contours represent the

Generations of 747 First Flights

Additional information:


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