Featured Map: JetBlue at Long Beach (3 February 2011)

Nearly a decade ago, JetBlue Airways announced its second focus city, at Long Beach Airport. Initial service consisted of twice-daily flights to JetBlue's hub at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Today, JetBlue uses all of its slots to operate 30 daily flights from Long Beach. JetBlue will add service to Anchorage on 26 May 2011 for a total of 13 destinations served from Long Beach. Today's featured map illustrates JetBlue's Long Beach schedule after the addition of Anchorage (off the map), with lighter blue for routes operated once or twice daily and darker blue for routes served more frequently, including 5x daily service to Las Vegas. (Thanks to former JetBlue crewmember Mark Ahasic for compiling the data for this map.)

JetBlue at Long Beach

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