Featured Maps: Last British Airways 757 Flights (1 November 2010)

Saturday 30 October marked the final revenue service of the Boeing 757 by British Airways after 27 years of service. British Airways was a launch customer for the 757, along with Eastern Airlines, which operated the 757's first revenue flights (Atlanta to Tampa and Miami) on 1 January 1983.

On the final day of 757 service, British Airways operated three 757s. Two flew routes to and from continental European destinations, but they finished well before the last 757 which spent its day flying domestic routes from Heathrow to Manchester, then Glasgow, and finally to Edinburgh. This aircraft (G-CPET, SN 29115 / LN 798), delivered on 12 May 1998, had been repainted in the livery of BA's first 757s from 1983, debuting in its retrojet colors in early October. G-CPET will continue as a freighter for DHL.

Last day's flying for BA's last 757

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