Featured Maps: Six Years of Drukair A319s (19 October 2010)

Drukair – Royal Bhutan Airlines flies from Paro Airport, one of only two airports in Bhutan and the only one with a paved runway. A field elevation of 7,300 feet and a relatively short runway situated in a steep valley make the airport is operationally challenging. Flight are permitted only under visual meteorological conditions (VMC) and only during daylight hours.

Six years ago, on 19 October 2004, Drukair received the first of two Airbus A319 aircraft for service from this difficult airport. The A319s replaced two BAe 146-100 aircraft which had been delivered six years earlier. The pair of A319s, augmented with an ATR 42 that was leased for nine months starting April 2010, serve six destinations as seen on today's featured map.

Scheduled service from Dallas Love Field (October 2010)

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